T.T declares himself ‘dead goat’ to critics; reveals shocking insult from fan

Psalm Adjetefio is on his way to becoming the second most popular dead goat in Ghana as he reveals he has acquired the syndrome.

The veteran Ghanaian actor has been trending social media for continuously soliciting help and allegedly squandering donations. According to him, someone who claims to be MzGee’s houseboy even called him to insult him on the phone.

“Somebody called and I think I missed the call so I called back … then he said I am Kwesi, MzGee’s house boy who looks after her dogs, so I want to tell you I have leftover from the dogs feed so should I bring it for you?” he said.

Speaking to Roselyn Feli, host of Changes on Joy Prime TV, during an episode of the show, he detailed that the person continued to insult him and dared him to record the call and forward it to MzGee.

According to Psalm Adjetefio, he remained silent on the phone and told the caller that he has no time for ‘rams like him’, dropped the call and blocked him.

Asked how he deals with trolls like this over his predicament, he quoted a Ga proverb that means, ” I am like a dead goat, I don’t fear knives”. Hear more from him in the video below.






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