Space tourism on cards soon as Virgin Galactic tests new flights

Space tourism on cards soon as Virgin Galactic tests new flights

Space tourism is one thing that the world is eagerly waiting for. If Virgin Galactic’s (a prominent space tourism company) new flights gets approved, travelling to space wouldn’t be just a dream. On Monday, the firm informed that they tested SpaceShipTwo craft this month, after a test got aborted in early December.

The company, run by Richard Branson, said, “The flight window will open on February 13 with opportunities to fly throughout February, pending good weather conditions and technical readiness”. He further informed space tourism enthusiasts that pre-flight preparation is already underway at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

The company also added that their space flight would test remedial work first, and then call the future astronauts to join in. Apparently, SpaceShipTwo, as they call it, was expected to take its first passengers into space later this year.

Till now, 600 people have already paid nearly $250000 for the upcoming journey and the space company calls them “future astronauts”, who have been waiting for years to take off. In 2014, the development of the flight was delayed due to a devastating crash of the first spacecraft that was attributed to the pilot’s error.

As soon as the spacecraft is fully functional, it will be taken up in the sky by another special plane and it will be released at high altitude. After a few seconds, the spaceship will leave and ignite its engine and go upward into the space. It definitely seems like we are looking at the future of travel world.

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