Shatta Wale Must Be Called To Order – Arnold

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has called for the laws of the country to deal with dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for his involvement in the reported assault of one Kenneth Acquah, the project manager for a road construction site at Adjiringanor, and his other workers for not extending the road to his (Shatta) office.

To him, the repeated incidents of unlawful conduct and other inappropriate behaviors of the musician must be dealt with to the highest maximum despite his celebrity status in ways to sanitize the system from future occurrence.

According to Arnold, the popular dancehall artist has been entangled in series of lawless actions over the period and the best time has come for him to be shown there are laws functioning in the country.

“The construction company did well, this a company of high repute and they have their works to show for, so if a story goes around that Shatta Wale has given them a certain amount of money to fix road and they don’t respond to it, it’ll go against them. So I think they took the correct decision. On the other hand, Shatta Wale claims to be the richest artist in Ghana, he shows us his mansion among others, recently he said he has bought a new Royce Rolls, big ups to him, that small extension leading to his office, can’t he fix it? Yes, it’s government responsibility and all that, but you can fix it if it’s worrying you.

“You have so much money, you disturb our ears with it each day, and you could have fixed that small extension leading to your secretariat. It’ll benefit you and those staying around; we don’t need to wait for government all the time. You can even name it Shatta Wale Street because you did it. Sometimes disturb us with your riches and all that but make it work as well. Whatever he went there to do with his boys was useless, and the strange part was when he had the guts to say it on live radio in his anger that, yes I told them to stop work. In your capacity as what do you have authority to stop government work?” he said on the ‘Bes Entertainment Show’ on Okay FM.

He added, “This issue is serious. We cannot entertain such behavior and lawlessness in our system again. I recognize the apology and all that but the construction company should show Shatta Wale some lesson. Wale is one of our biggest stars, we love his music and things but I think it’s becoming one too many of his indiscipline. If they will have to punish him at the law court among others, why not – he should go through that process. Now Poloo has learned some lesson, I don’t remember the last time she went half naked because of the process she has gone through. So if Shatta will have to go through a certain process to act right, he should. This is lawlessness. It’s about time he stops the nonsense behavior. He is showing bad leadership as a top celebrity and the laws must deal with him.”

His comment comes after the musician was on Monday, May 31, 2021 accused of sending a number of young men to beat up the contractor and his workers for refusing to extend construction works to the road in front of his office which is untarred.

Project Manager at Oswald T Construction & Engineering, Kenneth Acquah, who was the supervisor, alleged that Shatta and his men came to the site with motorbikes numbering not less than ten (10) to physically assaulted him and some of his workers.

“He sent someone to us on Saturday to tell us to extend the road to his office but we told them the length of the road and areas covered are contractual matters and not decided by the site workers. We asked them to pick the matter up with Urban Roads who are supervising the project,” Acquah told StarrFM on Monday.
“We were working on Monday when he (Shatta Wale) just drove past the roadblock sign and came through where we were working despite the fact that we had just laid the asphalt,” he added.


However Shatta Wale on Tuesday evening after realizing his mistake took to social media to apologize for his actions against the construction work.

In a video, he said, “to all the bloggers that are saying I have given some contractor GHC4 Million, I believe you guys should really stop circulating false news. I have not given no body GHC4 million and I just want us to live in peace and in harmony. Anybody that I have hurt, I just want to say I am sorry. Thank you very much”.

“I believe that some news circulating around that I was having a fight with some contractors. The man in question is my dad and he is someone that I have always wanted to meet but it is so unfortunate things had to happen this way. I also want to say sorry to Kennedy for everything that happened. I believe he would always find a place in his heart to forgive me. This is Ghana and we are one people and this is how we need to live. Anything that has happened, I believe God takes care of the rest.”

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