Shatta Wale hid in his back seat; attempted to run from Police

It has emerged that contrary to claims that Shatta Wale reported himself to the Police, Starr News has gathered that the controversial singer had his home surrounded by heavily armed Policemen from Monday evening leaving him with no option.

Starr News sources say after Police officers accompanied him from his home to the Central Police station, the controversial musician, who was under the belief that he was only going to write his statement and return home, tried escaping in the car he went with after noticing the tensed atmosphere at the station.

“He came with a small car. The officers who surrounded his home were nice to him so he felt he was just going to write his statement and return home but when he got there and noticed that the officers at the station meant business, he didn’t want to come out of the car so he hid in the back seat and asked the driver to speed off but he was stopped,” the source told Starr News Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Police are ready with their charges against the popular musician and his colleagues who are also in custody.

Shatta Wale reported himself to the Police on Tuesday evening after his house was surrounded by dozens of officers following claims that he was shot by unknown gunmen.

His Personal Assistant was the first to announce on social media that his boss had been shot. The PA, Nana Dope, is also in custody.

The ‘Bullet’ hit maker has however apologized for the fake news.






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