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FOCAP wishes to take this opportunity to say a Happy New Year to all Creative Industry Players and contributors. It is our fervent hope that the industry will grow from strength to strength to make the Creative Arts Industry a better one for all and sundry.

FOCAP recognises the challenges ahead and it’s our believe that as we move on, players and domains in the industry will act practically and walk the talk to make sure Sanity , Accountability, Probity, Honesty, Integrity prevail within the industry.

FOCAP as an advocacy and pressure group in the creative industry will also need to remind government of its major promises made during the election period which is again stipulated in their manifesto; “THE CREATION OF A DIVISION OF HIGH COURT WHICH WILL DEAL WITH ALL MATTERS RELATING TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS” and complete with a dedicated enforcement unit. FOCAP wishes to admonish The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to update the creative Arts industry what has really been done to this promise.

FOCAP believes the lack of a fully functional court of jurisdiction for the Creative Arts is a major problem facing the industry. A court is urgently needed to curb the stealing, misuse of people’s intellectual property and the impudence of abuse by corporate entities. FOCAP believes as it was clearly stated in the manifesto and promised on campaign platforms, the Ministry should double up in the establishment of the high court. It is FOCAP’s hope that attention will be given to this just as the government has found it necessary to establish courts across the regions to prosecute defaulters of TV licence.

FOCAP wishes to see a very active and upbeat attitude to the implementation of the Cultural Policy of 2004, the Film ACT, 935, The Setting Up of the Copyright Court and giving budget support the National Commission on Culture to implement all Cultural and Creative Arts programs.

FOCAP still looks forward to receiving a comprehensive copy of the programs and projects from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Kojo Preko Dankwa Mel Kwesi Davis Enoch Agyapong
Convener Convener Member
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3RD January 2018

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