RTP Awards will continue to rely on votes by the public to decide who wins – Prince McKay

Winning awards at the RTP have now become hectic and burdensome as some nominees spend hefty amounts of money on buying airtime for their fans to vote on their behalf.

This makes it practically impossible for deserving nominees who are not financially endowed to win the award to show fairness in the rewarding of hard work and excellence.

CEO of Big Events, Mr Prince McKay was questioned if RTP award scheme will consider scrapping public votes to allow a panel of experts to decide winners going forward,

He said “As for the voting we can’t take it away from the awards scheme. I’m sure even on your radio show you allow listeners to phone-in to share their opinion on certain issues.

“So long as you have listeners who listen to different programs on Radio and TV stations, they can’t be left out of the decision making as to who is the best.

“The people who watch or listen to you have been given a percentage as well as those on the technical committee. So we strike a balance between the two to decide who deserves to be the winner in order to be awarded”.

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