Prototype heritage centres for Africa

Prototype heritage centres for Africa

An open international competition is seeking prototype concepts for a series of new 600m2 heritage centres inspired by traditional African design [Deadline: 31 August 2021]

The competition – organised by Community Planning & Design Initiative Africa (CPDI Africa) – invites student and professional teams to draw up ‘unique and iconic’ proposals for a series of new community and heritage centres which directly draw on the aesthetic traditions of the continent. A winner will be announced for each of the competition’s six categories: West Africa, East, Central, North, South, and diaspora.

Multicultural and multinational teams are encouraged to apply and draw on a broad range of building and research methods to reflect Africa’s many unique cultural contexts. Submissions should consider how lifestyle is complemented by the floor plan and functionality, how aesthetics could be shown through finishing and furnishing, and how sustainability can be met through cost and materials.

According to the brief: ‘The CPDI Africa 2021 competition calls for design entries of prototypes for a contemporary Cultural Centre inspired by architecture of the African Diaspora. To design prototypes of African centred or inspired architecture that reflects the culture, aesthetics and sustainability for community design and development in today’s Africa, research must accompany the design.

‘Participants are encouraged to acquire additional inspiration from the evolution of other African arts, such as music, fashion, visual arts, cuisine, film and theatre, for more intricate expressions of African creativity, but most importantly how African life is lived. It is the architectural translation of these elements of daily life that will strengthen your design concept.’

The CPDI Africa 2021 competition invites teams to devise a prototype concept for a new architectural heritage centre suitable for one of the major regions of Africa – West, East, Central, North, South and the diaspora. It is the fourth to be organised by CPDI Africa which aims to improve Africa’s built environment and the quality of local construction methods.

Submissions should include a 1,500-word description of the building and how it responds to the brief. At least two 3D renders are also required along with a full floorplan and structural layout map showing all levels and measurements. Costs should be calculated in terms of raw materials and labour requirements.

An overall winner will be announced for each region in November and offered paid internships with CPDI Africa. Five honourable mentions will also be announced. The entry fee is $100.

The deadline for submissions is 31 August.

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