People in England will be fined £200 if they’re caught going on holiday as Germany & Sweden added to quarantine list

PEOPLE in England will be fined £200 if they are caught trying to go on holiday – as Germany and Sweden join the UK quarantine list.

Draconian new measures introduced by Ministers mean heading on a trip away could see people handed a criminal record.

Repeat offenders could be hit with penalties rising to £6,400 – or a conviction if they challenge it in the courts.

This is in line with any breach of coronavirus laws which, during this second lockdown, bans any travel for holidays.

It comes as Germany and Sweden will be added to the UK’s coronavirus quarantine list from Saturday.

Anyone travelling from those two countries who was away before lockdown began will have to isolate for 14 days.
He added no countries were being put onto the list of travel corridors – from which Brits do not have to self-isolate upon returning home.

The Department for Transport said: “Germany and Sweden have been removed from the list of UK travel corridors, having been assessed by the Joint Biosecurity Centre as posing a heightened infection risk.

The sun newspaper

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