PAYO holds Musical explosion on Sunday

The Pan African Youth Orchestra (PAYO) will on Sunday, April 8, hold a musical explosion at the Pan African Writers’ Association (PAWA) House at the Roman Ridge in Accra.

The musical extravaganga which is being sponsored by the Ghana Writers Association, (GAW) will also see perfomances in poetry, stories, anecdotes, and spoken word.

The live performance on Sunday, forms part of a special GAW SUNDAY event dedicated to children’s literature and creativity.

It also comes ahead of the group’s international tour in summer.

The story of the Pan-african Youth Orchestra (PAYO)

The Pan-African Youth Orchestra is an off shoot of the Pan-African Orchestra which was founded by the late musical genius Danso Abeam over 30 years ago.

He dedicated his entire life to the formation of an authentic African classical music movement using African instruments and music traditions.

He also started the youth version to instruct and animate young people to follow the path he was charting.

His son Kweku, who was the youngest member of the orchestra was put in charge of PAYO.

Mr. Danso Abeam died on his birthday four years ago in an accident in Accra.

Against the odds, Kweku has managed to keep PAYO together.

The orchestra has to be seen and heard to be believed.

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