Our songs don’t cut across; even Nigerians don’t know our music – Alordia (Video)

Chief Executive Officer of Alordia Promotions has opined that one of the key reasons why it might take years for Ghana to fill 02 Arena in London is because Ghanaian music does not cut across and the majority of Nigerians do not know our music.

Speaking in an interview with Blogger Attractive Mustapha at the 3 Music Awards , he said that it does not matter how people try to explain or justify the statement, he insists that no Ghanaian musician can fill the 02 Arena.

“I stand by my statement that we can’t fill the 02 Arena, not now, maybe two or three years time is possible but not now “.

He maintained that we cannot do it now and the detail is a long story.

“The problem is not about the musicians, it’s not as if our musicians are the problem but it’s about numbers”

He added that it is not only Nigerians that attend Wizkid’s events and the Nigerians who fill 02 Arena shows.

As to what he and his team are doing about the situation, DJ Alordia revealed that they are making efforts to plug the musicians so that maybe in two or three years things can be easier.







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