Obinim is not an angel – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

The leader and founder of True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has disclosed that Angel Obinim claims that he is an angel is false, and that the statement is a fallacy.

The man of God who was a guest on Joy FM with Lexis Bill spoke about many things before finally, the issue of Bishop Obinim popped up when he was asked by the host if he was friends with the controversial preacher who wants to be referred to as an “Angel”.

In answering the question, he stated that Obinim is no angel and that no human can be an angel and Obinim carrying himself as an angel is a fallacy.

He went on to explain that angels are in a body and humans are also in a body and therefore no human being anywhere can be a semi-human and an angel but if something like that happens then it means that person is a demon.

He further added that he could say his church is an angelic church but he can’t say he is an angel.

Giving an example he revealed that sometimes his body can be in Ghana whiles his soul has traveled out of the country but he doesn’t come out to say he is an angel.

He referred to such comments as “comics of the ministry” which shouldn’t be taken seriously.