Obiba Sly Collins Bounces Back With Mabre (MP3)

Veteran highlife musician Obiba Sly Collins has finally dropped his latest single titled Mabre featuring hiplife artiste Agbeshie to entertain his cherished fans.

The single which was released on Monday is a mid-tempo track and the lyrics are neatly arranged with good rhythms and drum beats to meet the demand of highlife music lovers.

The song which is currently been played on some of the local radio stations in the country, has the potential of becoming big hit on the music scene by December.

Obiba Sly Collins explained that he has worked tirelessly on the new single which according to him will meet the demand of music lovers.

The quality of ‘Mabre’, Beatwaves gathered will soon shoot Sly Collins’ good image to another level and will also attract good followings on various social media platforms.

In Mabre, the duo expressed their revulsion at the level of deceit and chicanery being perpetrated against the citizenry by the political manipulators.

‘I am tired of the political deceit, family deceit and deceit by friends’, he intoned asking: ‘why can’t we turn a blind eye to the political coloration and come back to build a nation that will truly be what we want our country to be, a country built for Ghanaians.

Sly Collins said ‘the pull him down spirit has become a problem bedeviling our nation in particular and the continent in general.”

“My prayer is that God will touch the heart of our politicians to think of a successful Ghana and Africa,” he said.

Continuing, the singer expressed his unease at the political class who have become sycophants and in doing so has stultify the creative abilities of the people adding that the philosophy which makes one to discriminate against another because he is not from my political grouping as unfortunate.

Though the musician has distinguished himself as a highlife musician who sometimes experiments with reggae, Obiba this time went singing a fully fast paced highlife tune which with his melodies coupled with Agbeshie’s Ewe raps has given the music a new direction which one is bold to say will in the coming months be sampled by other musicians who want to remain relevant in the highlife kingdom.