NPP will be in power for only 4 years – A Plus

Musician/Comedian Kwame Asare popularly known in showbiz as A Plus says the governing New Patriotic Patriotic (NPP) will stay in power for only one term (2016 – 2020) for which reason members of the party are scrambling for positions.

In a Facebook post, A Plus said it is worrying how some groups, party faithfuls have come out to complain and chastised the leadership of the NPP on why their people have not been appointed to top positions in government.

“From what I’m seeing the NPP will be in power for only 4 years. Members of the party know this very well. That is why they are fighting over positions. If you know or believe your party will be in power for 8 years or more why will you fight, complain, insult each other over positions in just the first year? Today press conference here. Tomorrow this group say this, another group say that. #Ababullshit “

A Plus was a brick in the ruling NPP 2016 campaign, that saw the elephant family securing power in the 2016 general elections.

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