New actors use ‘Juju’ to stay relevant – Fred Amugi

Veteran Actor Fred Amugi has claimed that the new crop of actors and actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry use black magic popularly known as “Juju” to stay relevant.

He said due to jealousy, even directors and film producers indulge in the act.

“It’s coming to my knowing that people are working out through black magic. And that goes with the present crop of actors. Even among the producers and directors,” Mr. Amugi told host of Starr Chat Bola Ray Wednesday, adding “He gets all the attention, so I must stop him…It’s all about prayers and doing good.”

Commenting on sex for roles in the movie industry, he said “as for that area, I’ll say it’s in every profession. It’s everywhere.”

Addressing rumors that he dated actress Rosemond Brown, the actor noted that he and the actress “were both managed by one person, and that was the only link between them.”

On which new crop of actors he admires Mr. Amugi said “I worship Nana Ama McBrown a lot, shift her to the left she commands it, shift her to the right and she’s on her path. So is Roselyn Ngissah.”


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