MUSIGA sets up National Elections Commitee as it heads towads June 26 elections

The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has set up a five-member committee that will supervise its national elections in June.

The committee has Smart Nkansah as its chairman, with former MUSIGA president Diana Hopeson as secretary. It also has Rev. Dr Mary Ghansah, Lawyer Jonathan Cudjoe and Trigmatic.

The committee will supervise the filing and the nomination processes and take care of vetting those who will hope to occupy the various position. It will also work with the Electoral Commission of Ghana to ensure a free and fair election.

MUSIGA has also released a roadmap that will guide how things will be done towards the elections:

1. Call for nominations – March 27

2. Close of nominations – April 17

3. Vetting of candidates – April 26

4. Exhibition of voters’ register – April 29

5. Voting in all regional capitals – June 26

6. The announcement of results – June 26

7. Inauguration of new executives – August 27

The MUSIGA elections will be held in all regional capitals, as stated in the amended MUSIGA constitution.

All members who hope to become president will have to pay GhC2,500 as filing fees; vice president hopefuls have to pay GhC2,000; General secretary aspirants will pay GhC1,500, while those going for the other remaining position will pay GhC1,000.