Modern Gospel Musicians are spiritually empty –Gospel Musician Patricia Takyi

Ghanaian gospel musician Patricia Takyi has revealed that one of the biggest challenges facing the modern Ghanaian Gospel Music industry is the fact that most gospel musicians are spiritually empty.

Speaking in an interview with, the musician opined that gospel musicians need to be spiritually strong.

“ You can’t preach the works of Christ and be empty spiritually because Christ whom we are following was not spiritually empty and if indeed any gospel musician is following the footsteps of Christ, he or she has to be strong in the Lord“, she added.

With five albums to her credit and been nominated in the 2019 edition of Ghana Music Awards UK, Patricia Takyi added that now things have changed unlike before where gospel musicians where highly respected and were walking the talk of Christ.

She lamented that under normal circumstances, gospel musicians are supposed to direct worldly people and show them the way but in recent times, the world is rather directing gospel musicians and men of God.

“These days if you don’t dress in some funny ways or sing in some funny ways, your song will end up in your room and event organizers will not call you for programs, “ he said

She was hopeful that things will change over time with prayers.

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