Menzgold owes me too – NAM1 replies customer who demanded for locked up funds

An aggrieved customer in high hopes of getting reassurance from Nana Appiah Mensah received the shock of his life when NAM1 disclosed that he doesn’t owe anyone.

The Menzgold boss disclosed that he as an individual is not indebted to anyone adding that all customers should channel their grievances to the Company.

I don’t owe you, Menzgold owes me heavily too – Nam1 replies Menzgold client
‘Pay the money and stop the wishes’- Eye red Menzgold customers tell NAM1 after Eid Mubarak message to Muslim

The customer who took to NAM1’s page to demand his locked-up funds was met with a shocking reply from the Menzgold CEO who disclosed that the company heavily owes him too.

“When are you paying me my money”? The customer queried under Nana Appiah Mensah’s post on social media

The Menzgold boss replied saying:

“Menzgold will definitely pay you. That’s if you’re truly owed by the company. I don’t owe you or anybody and this is a matter of fact. I am actually also heavily by the company. We are patiently waiting. Thank you, God bless,”

Meanwhile, NAM 1 is standing trial together with his wife, Rose Tetteh and his sister Benedicta Appiah for aiding him in defrauding Menzgold customers across the country.

Although the 61 charges brought against NAM 1 have been withdrawn, the prosecution is expected to file new charges to enable the court to take his plea.