Meet the 9year-old Ghanaian musician who wants to embark on child slavery campaign through her music

​​​​​​​A 9-year-old musician, Bina, is planning on using her music ‘career’ as a campaign tool to end child slavery in Ghana, ABC News Ghana has gathered.

The young girl, real name, Nyarkoah Buadu Angaa in an interview on Hitz Daybreak, revealed that her quest to make people understand what she does is what actually influenced her to start a ‘career’ in music.

Sharing her thoughts on the menace of child slavery, she told the show host that she is embarking on the ‘stop child slavery’ campaign to get parents out of the habit of maltreating their kids and kids who live with them when they go wrong.

“Because when I do music, it will be easy for people to understand what I do. Like the song that I did titled slave, it talks about parents stopping child slavery because it’s not good for a child to get so hurt with your own hands, even when I look at a child that has been beaten so badly for just a little reason that you can easily forgive the child but the parent goes ahead and maltreats the child, even almost killing the child. This spoils the child’s education and I don’t think it’s a positive act. So, we are making a campaign to stop child slavery,” she said.

The singer has just released her debut album of 29 songs.

According to her, she has plans of making a total of 290 songs in her music journey.

“I actually have 33 or 34 songs but we are keeping 29 songs on the album. So 29th September 2009 was a special day that God decided to bring me to this world so if we take all the zeros from my date of birth, the first two letters will be 29. I’m planning on making 290 songs, I’m hoping that by the end of my journey, because my date of birth if you remove all the zeros and all the one-two, you get 290 songs or even more” she said in the interview monitored by ABC News Ghana.

According to Bina, she has been doing music for about a year now in a personal studio set up by her father.

Watch Bina’s interview here: 



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