Marriage is not easy — Nana Ama McBrown

Marriage under normal circumstances is hard work but when you are a celebrity where your every move is scrutinised, then your challenges are magnified.

The number of celebrity marriages that have collapsed in recent years is testament to how difficult marriage can be for them.

And beautiful actress, Nana Ama McBrown, who has been married for about a year, admits to the problems but says she is determined to make her marriage work no matter the trials she may face.

“Marriage is not easy. Mine has not been all smooth but my husband and I understand each other well so we solve our issues amicably,” she told Showbiz in an interview on Monday.

“I understand the man I married and I do my duties as a wife. I cook and do everything a wife has to do to make her husband happy,” she added.

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According to Nana Ama, there is no problem couples cannot overcome if they are determined to make it work.

The Kumasi Yonko) actress said she wants to break her mother’s record of being married for a long time. She added that she will succeed because of her “sweet” husband.

“My mother has been married for more than 20 years and despite all the troubles she went through she is still married and I want to break her record. I only pray God gives me the strength, understanding and the energy to do that,” she said.

Away from her marriage, Nana Ama also spoke about her upcoming TV show, McBrown’s Kitchen, which will start airing on Sunday, December 17 at 4pm on UTV.

She will invite guests to prepare local dishes and according to her, it is a way of encouraging Ghanaians to consume what they’ve got.

Nana Ama said she intends to give the cooking show a national feel by going round the other regions.

On Saturday, Nana Ama will be laying her late aunt to rest at Kwadaso in Kumasi and asked that Ghanaians support her.

“The late Madam Betty Obiri Yeboah was more than a mother to me. She took care of me and I truly loved her,” she said.

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