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We don’t need scientific polls to tell us Ghanaians are disappointed in the Npp*

Kwaku Manu is an actor in Kumasi without formal Education who have been sidelined in the movie industry because of his quest to always speak the truth.

Last week in an interview minotred by he spoke the minds of all Ghanaians including the Npp who claim they are first class citizens but in the closet cry of hardship.

He was clear to state that Ghanaians are suffering.

Kwaku Manu is an ordinary Ghanaian so he knows how the greater number of the population feels about the atrocities of this government.

He goes to the market so he knows the prices of foodstuffs are sky rocketing on hourly basis.

He pays utility bill so he knows his bill goes up every month under this government.

Kwaku Manu buys fuel so he knows the prices are increased on weekly basis.

He buys spare parts at Suame Magazine in Kumasi so he knows no tax has been removed and the prices keep on increasing.

Kwaku Manu has a store in Adum and Kejetia so he knows the purchasing power of the people have reduced to the barest minimum making his stocks static.

Kwaku Manu though not Educated but knows how this government started their governance with corruption *(Boakye Agyarko)* and ended the year with massive corruption *(Hawa Koomson)*

Kwaku Manu is an ordinary Ghanaian who knows how our children are dying because of Unplanned and unprepared implementation of the free SHS.

Kwaku Manu knows as a Ghanaian that the so called planting for food and jobs has become a hoax and farmers very disappointed with government inability to find remedy to the fall army worm on time.

Kwaku Manu who has a cocoa farm knows that ferlizers which was given to them for free is now sold to them. He knows that cocoa farmers have recently threatened to demonstrate against the current government.

He knows that while farmers are suffering the CEO of Cocoa board on his birthday branded chocolate for more than 2million Ghana cedis just to celebrate his birthday.

Kwaku Manu is an ordinary Ghanaian and knows Drivers are suffering under this government with their new policies to extort money from the poor drivers.

Kwaku Manu is very religious person and knows how disappointed Ghanaians are with the presidents stand to give rights to homosexuality which has given rise to activist to start pushing for gay rights.

He knew very well how the economy of the mining communities have crushed due to the operation vanguard without government giving the galamseyers alternative livelihood.

As an ordinary Ghanaian he came to conclusion that Ghanaians are indeed not happy because they are really suffering and concluded that if elections were to be held today Npp would’ve lost.

But Yesterday it was all over the news with Npp in a jubilant mood claiming the legon professor emeritus and their junior professors in a research conducted came out that Nana Addo would have won by 57% if elections were held today.

Though we welcome their opinion but most Ghanaian are saying the research does not reflect the true state and picture of the opinion of Ghanaians.

This research just sampled the opinion of less than 5000 people.

And as a student of research I know very well that research questions are specific hence demand specific answers.

They should have gone to Kejetia and ask the market women about the economy because that is where the real economy is.

They shouldhave gone to Aboso Okai and Suame Magazine and ask the spare parts delears about the Economy.

They should have asked the trotro driver, the Kayaye, the cocoa farmer, the student, the market woman, and others about the economy.

Instead of them to advice government to sit up and stop their corrupt practices they are hailing them with figures of winning elections.

Does it mean Dr Bosman and his team did not know of how drivers are complaining in the country?

*The question a friend asked me after reading the report was if those researchers really did their research Ghana?*

Dr Bosman was very loud and a strong critic of the Mahama administration but has suddenly turned mute on serious economic issues and corruption under this government and have now turned their energy on conducting polls.

Joy fm recently conducted on online poll where over 80,000 willingly voted and I will recommend it to the Legon Professors.

*2020 is just around the conner and we shall see whether is Kwaku Manu who is right or the Legon Professors.*

Ghana is indeed an interesting country.

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*
*B/A Youth Activist*

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