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KOFI ANNAN SAYS …. Blakk Rasta (Lyrics +MP3)

Kofi Annan (2×)
Say make we legalise it
Too long(2×)
Legalise the ganja ei!

Kofi Annan(2×)
Say make we wise and think oo
Too long, in-a Ghana
Legalise the ganja ei!

Legalise it, make the money, free the economy
Legalise it, stop the begging, stop the stealing (2×)

He was the president of the world as he ruled the united nations

Kofi Annan comes from Ghana, Africa where he wept as ignorant, dirty politricians swept away the ganja blessings

No matter how many times poor Kofi Annan pleaded, the more stumbling blocks were put in his way by block-headed dirty politricians

Long live the ganja Secretary General with full honours as a smart academician and humanitarian

Legalise the ganja, grow it in controlled-state farms and keep away all those Western money barbarians

Or, are you waiting for America to legalise polygamy before you get wiser, you parliamentarians?


Sometimes, I sit and wonder

All the time, m’ ewuradze ei! I sweat and ponder

A lot of questions remain unanswered and I am bothered

In this country, no matter how right you are, if you don’t want to be shot, you must remain surrendered

How can 26 million people be poverty-stricken when wealth by us, is surrounded?

Let my ganja grow and do not try to be so ignorantly-dunder-headed

Make the ganja money and free the economy from the IMF and World Bank Shylocks you so much love till you dead

You know better than me that ganja is not for smoking alone but for shoes, belts, creams and fuels without the deadly lead

Legalise it, decriminalise it
Free the ganja in-a Ghana (2×)


To fade….

What do you think?


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