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Kitchen stool trends on Ghanaian social media following ‘doggie’ sex video

Until recently, kitchen stools were only known for one use — for sitting. Beginning this week however, it is assuming an added role as a “sex support” tool.

A leaked sex tape is what has brought this “kitchen stool challenge” onto social media, particularly on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and it is trending all day!

The leaked sex tape involves the headmaster of the Breman Edumanu District Authority Basic School in the Asikuma Oboben Brakwa district of the Central region, Robert Sepey and an alleged female student.

In the about 4-minute video, the alleged SHS student is seen kneeling on a kitchen stool while Mr Sepey stands behind her throughout the act. Some social media users are having a field day showing off what they are adapting their own stools for. While some are practicing the kneeling position, others are having wild dreams what fortune it brings them, while others still have seen their stool worth suddenly shoot up.

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