Joy FM Must Sheathe Its Sword Against Menzgold And Nana Appiah Mensah

The ongoing Bank of Ghana-Precious Minerals and Marketing Company-Menzgold war, in which Joy FM, has become the harbinger to destroy Menzgold, is almost becoming a full blow territory war.

A fortnight ago on Ghana Connect, a current affairs programme on Joy FM, aired every Friday after six pm, one of the workers of defunct Capital Bank was interviewed, he lamented about how some of his colleagues are struggling to survive, one year after the collapse of the bank.

Two of his colleagues have died in the process, due to hardship, frustration etc.

At the last count, seven indigenous banks have collapsed, the reasons are myriad, and the question many are asking is, what is wrong with us, as a people, that we cannot manage anything.

Joy FM, since last year, have waged a relentless war on the activities of Menzgold, of all the media houses in the country, it is only Joy FM, which has found everything wrong with the gold buying company.

We mentioned the predicament of Capital bank workers to illustrate a point that, should Menzgold, collapse today, Joy FM, will invite workers to come and recount their ordeal, after losing their jobs.

The Central bank has issued notices upon notices, warning Ghanaians about the activities of Menzgold.

It is noteworthy that in most of these instances, the BoG has failed to mention any legislation that the gold buying company has violated.

Foreign companies violate all the laws we have in this country; this is despite the tax holidays that, we give to most of them. We have not been able to go after them, yet we are always in a hurry to bring down companies and businesses owned by Ghanaians.

We are appalled by the mercenary journalism Joy FM, has embarked upon, what is their motivation, if not to collapse a company that has employed thousands of Ghanaians and are paying dividends to their customers, who are yet to complain that, the company has failed to meet their obligation to them

The resort to such underhand publications to destroy a company that has introduced a novelty, when there are other issues of national importance to report on, has reduced the media house to scaremongering.

This is aside the time and the resources wasted in this futile exercise.

As a newspaper, we are compelled to remind both the BoG and Joy FM, as well as the PMMC that, if Menzgold, has violated any regulation, they must drag the company to the law courts.

We also state that at every material time, the interest of the masses should be paramount and due process must be followed in the event that, Menzgold, has done anything untoward.

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