I’m modest; I don’t flaunt my wealth – Delay

Unlike some celebrities, Delay claims she is not enthused about displaying her wealth on social media.

According to the producer of the ‘Cocoa Brown’ television series and host of the ‘Delay Show,’ she has not achieved a lot in life but she has been blessed by God.

Speaking at iYES 2018 at the National Theatre on Wednesday, Delay noted that even though she is happy about her achievements, she would rather want to keep them from the public. “I am one of the most modest personalities in our industry. I don’t post my cars on social media. I don’t post this and that on social media but I can comfortably say that I’m blessed,” she said.

Talking about how good God has been to her, Delay said she has been able to buy two houses and also owns businesses.

She also recounted how difficult life was for her in her bid to get into the media.

According to her, she was staying with her auntie in Tema but was thrown out of the house because she had a misunderstanding with her auntie.

“Around 2003, I was staying with my auntie in Tema and I had a little argument with her and her husband thought I was a bit difficult to control so they threw me out of the house. I was 21. I had nowhere to go. I ended staying with sone friends at a mechanic shop in Tema Community 2,” she said.

Delay is popularly known for her biting questioning skills on the Delay Show.

She was the brain behind popular television series ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ which shot into the limelight comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger.

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