I dated my cousin to make money – DJ Azonto

Ghanaian former disc jockey, now turned musician DJ Azonto has revealed that, there was a time in his life he had no option than to date his cousin so to enable him survive on daily basis.

He explained that, the experience wasn’t something he wanted, but circumstances and refusal of his father to take good care of him pushed him into such actions.

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’, he said his father used to give enough money to the cousin which moved him to date her, so he could get part of the money to feed himself.

He added that, he was a poor guy, sleeping in kiosk and church premises; meanwhile his father was the richest man in the neighborhood he stayed.

“My father was a rich man but I never enjoyed his riches. He was the richest man in the whole area but he wasn’t taking good care of me. I used to sleep in the kiosk and church premises because of lack of accommodation. Due to that I couldn’t take care of him as well when he was sick, due to pains that were all over me. My cousins used to go for big monies from him. I dated my cousin because I needed money to survive.

“She was a beautiful young lady who was getting good money from my father. I dated her so I can get part of the money for myself. I had to pretend loving her for my share of the money – it wasn’t easy those days. She was my girlfriend” he detailed.

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