Hitz FM Doreen Avio’s 10-hour experience inside Big Brother Naija

Can you live without your phone, fancy electronic gadgets and even those as base as a radio or TV for 24 hours?

Okay. What about 14 weeks?

Well that is what you will have to do inside the Big Brother Naija House if you want to win some fantastic prizes from organizers.

To be able to participate in the Big Brother house, you will have to go through a process of training on handling things like sound, how to change batteries, how to fix the microphone and how to keep them away from water or while asleep, camera’s in the house and more.

Once you go through the process, a La Pelle is handed to you and then you go into the house.

The Big Brother Naija house has basic survival needs  – food ranging from frozen, can, bottled and snacks and if you want to do your own cooking, you have your utensils. Hygenic needs – towels, bathing soap etc plus beds, couches. Just think of anything you need at home minus fancy electronic gadgets.

Hitz FM’s Doreen Avio had the opportunity to experience conditions in the house from 9pm to 9am as entertainment journalists from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and majority being Nigerians.

They familiarized themselves ahead of the beginning of another season.

 “Some house mates cooked whiles others wallowed in drinking alcohol, juice, tea, water, all of which was on the House.”

“We ate, slept, woke up the next morning and had breakfast prepared by other colleague journalist in the House before leaving” she shared her experience.

Currently, there are 21 house mates in the Big Brother Naija house from all walks of life but all Nigerians. They will be in the house for the next 14 weeks where house mates will be evicted weekly till they get a winner.

Big Brother Naija season 4 is available on all Dstv channel 198 and Gotv channel 29.

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