Help amplify voices of women – Dzifa Gomashie appeals to male MPs

Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie has made an earnest appeal to her male counterparts in Parliament to support campaigns that seek to amplify the voices of women in Ghana.

Explaining the motive behind her call during a discussion on International Women’s Day, Mrs. Gomashie was optimistic that a push from the male community will help to bridge the gender inequality gap that exists in society.

“Mr Speaker, gender and development has been talked about on many platforms but I dare say, we are still crawling in that space and it is my wish and my humble plea that privileged men in this room who have married women who are educated, join us in this cause.

“We need more ‘hes for shes’ to champion our cause,” she added.

Touching on her journey into politics and her subsequent decision to participate in the 2020 parliamentary elections, the legislator said she chose to challenge the status quo and contested “in a community where no woman has ever dared to contest and won.”

“I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death to be where I am standing today. But I challenged the status quo because I dared, and because of that, another woman can, another girl child can dare to break a cycle,” she stressed.

The comments by the MP follow a similar appeal by President Akufo-Addo to Members of Parliament to ensure that the Affirmative Action Bill is passed this year.

Presenting his first State of the Nation Address for his second term, the President hinted that the government through the new Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Sarah Adwoa Safo will resubmit the bill to the house.

This, he said, will help to ensure that Ghana’s current representation of 13.8% women at the national level and 7% at the local level increases.

Backing this stance, Mrs. Gomashie admonished her fellow colleagues to look beyond supporting only priviledged and educated women, but females at all level.

“Perhaps the celebration will not be for us who are privileged but also those who are not privileged. Perhaps our cause should not be just for us who are educated and have dared to tread where many women have not.

“Perhaps next year, we will not be here celebrating just ourselves but also the women at the witches camp, women whose husbands beat them, and the women who don’t live to tell their story.”


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