Guinness World Records Debunks Chef Smith’s Record Claim

In a recent turn of events, Guinness World Records has officially debunked Chef Smith’s claim of holding a world record for the longest cook-a-thon.



Madalyn Bielfield, the PR Manager for Guinness World Records, responded to a journalist’s inquiry, clarifying that the current record belongs to Alan Fisher from Ireland.



“No, this is not true at all,” Bielfield stated. “He does not hold the GWR title and that is not our certificate.”



On July 2nd, Chef Smith announced at a press conference in Accra that he had set a new record for the longest cook-a-thon, displaying a certificate that claimed a cook-a-thon duration of 802 hours and 25 minutes, supposedly achieved between February 1st and March 6th, 2024.



However, Guinness World Records has since confirmed that this claim is false, and the certificate is not authentic.

Adding to the drama, Chef Smith is currently in police custody over a separate issue involving musician Nana Boroo.



The Ghanaian public is now eagerly waiting for Chef Smith to address the latest news from Guinness World Records regarding his alleged world record.



This incident highlights the importance of verifying claims and the integrity of records held by institutions such as Guinness World Records.

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