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GUBA Enterprise, a social organization focused on advancing and connecting Africans in the Diaspora with their home countries, has unveiled its new identity to reflect its truly pan-African nature. With a refreshed logo and vibrant images across social media platforms, the new GUBA identity is here to stay.

As part of the brand’s rebirth, a four-week campaign was rolled out with each week dedicated to put a spotlight on one of the four pillars of the new GUBA brand, namely:

• Grow – By supporting and creating opportunities for Africans in the diaspora and back home, to grow through the advancement of entrepreneurship and innovation for social and economic impact .

• Unite – By providing an engaging network for promoting greater cultural diversity and equality, for unity and peace for development

• Build – By harnessing the resources of diaspora Africans and back home, through public private partnerships to accelerate trade, investments, human capital development and good sustainable governance.

• Africa –Enhancing the continent through collective action for sustainable development

GUBA has promoted African excellence for the past eleven (11) years through its six main brand initiatives which are GUBA Awards (UK and USA), GUBA Careers, GUBA Expo, GUBA Foundation, GUBA Tours and the GUBA Diaspora Card. These activities are geared towards bridging the diaspora gap through social-economic programs and initiatives. The ultimate aim of the new GUBA brand is to build a world class identity known for its solid support for the advancement of the African diaspora and Africa prosperity

“We at GUBA believe that the African Diaspora must be part of the fabric in growing, uniting and building Africa to become the continent we aspire for , and we must collectively work together to achieve that. Through our new identity we will create programs and projects to help drive Africa’s sustainable transformation agenda, by working in partnership with governments, development partners , private sector corporations and civil societies in and out of Africa “ Says Dentaa Amoateng MBE, President and Founder of the GUBA Enterprise

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