Ghana’s economy will get better if they learn from the story of Indonesia- Indonesia Consul Paskal Rois (Video)

Indonesia Honorary Consul to Ghana, His Excellency Paskal Rois has opined that Ghana and Africa will grow and the economy will be better if they learn from the story of Indonesia.

Speaking in a one on one interview with Blogger Attractive Mustapha Nii OkAI Inusah at a time everyone is lamenting in Ghana about hardship, he said that Indonesia used to export raw materials but now they have decided not to export raw materials anymore.

He revealed that Indonesians are rather majoring in the processing field where they manufacture almost everything themselves and ship the finished products by adding value.

“When you export raw materials to Europe and other advanced countries you don’t add value and they buy at any price they want but when you export finished products there’s high value attached” he said.

He explained further that for instance Indonesia used to supply lithium to advanced countries for the production of batteries which made them the major suppliers but later decided to manufacture their own batteries.

“ As we speak they manufacture everything they use and they are doing very well so if Ghana can learn from their story that will be very good”.

Consul Paskal Rois believes it is time for Africa to focus on Indonesia as the hope of Africa because Africans have given enough opportunities to the Europeans and the Americans but yet the impacts have not been felt so it is time for Ghana and other African countries to deepen their relationship with Indonesia.

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