Ghanaian-UK based DJ Tiiny sacked from Capital Xtra over £200 bribe to play songs

Ghanaian-UK based DJ Tiiny sacked from Capital Xtra over £200 bribe to play songs

A Ghanaian DJ based in the UK Frank Boakye-Yiadom aka DJ Tiiny who works for Capital Xtra has been sacked over ‘payola’ demands.

The ‘pay-for-play’ practice termed as ‘payola’ is when DJs take money or gifts from musicians, their managers or producers in order to play their songs on air. According to reports, DJ Tinny requested for £200 in order to play a song on the top UK radio channel.

The act has reached the notice of the management of Capital Xtra after a producer, J Beatz, called out DJ Tinny on Twitter. According to the radio station, the act is against its guidelines. DJ Tinny confirmed the report in an apology statement.

In the satement, he admitted that he “carelessly and irresponsibly took advantage” of his position and also apologised to all “those I have let down. I take full responsibility for my actions and fully accept the consequences”.

DJ Tiiny, who also plays often for Stormzy on tours or at some shows, has been broadcasting on Capital Xtra since 2018, and hosts a Friday night show that presented a mix of hip-hop, R&B and grime.

According to a report by BBC, DJ Tiiny sent an email to the producer demanding money in exchange to play his song on his show. “If you wish for the track to be premiered on my Friday night radio show, there would be a charge of £200 for one track,” the email said.

In a screenshot J Beatz shared, DJ Tiiny also stated that “this would also include keeping the track within my radio playlist for two weeks … the track would need to be clean (no swearing, etc) and would need to be reviewed by my team prior to being broadcasted [sic] on the radio.”

Following the post on Twitter and its reactions, DJ Tiiny was removed from Capital Xtra’s schedule and his profile was deleted from their website. Global Radio, the parent company of the radio station, declined to comment on the situation when contacted by the BBC.

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