Ghanaian Musicians abroad don’t produce quality songs – Musician Atta Patrick

Holland-based Ghanaian gospel musician and film actor Patrick Atta Adu Sarfo popularly known as Atta Patrick of Atta Patrick Ministries has opined that Ghanaian musicians abroad do not produce quality songs compared to their counterparts in Ghana.

Speaking on Akasanoma Radio and Angel FM in Holland with Ohemaa Woyeje, he said that even though we have good musicians abroad they are not able to shine within the Ghanaian market because of the sound quality they produce.

He added that the reason they are not able to produce quality sounds is that most of them are not full time musicians.

”Most of us abroad do double jobs because you cannot survive abroad by doing only music and the other jobs end up taking all our time but those in Ghana have more time to focus on their music ”

He continued that the lack of music engineers within the Ghanaian communities abroad is also part of the reasons those abroad produce low quality sounds.

”over here, you won’t get more time to listen to the song produced and recheck if it’s good for the targeted market since you don’t have much time and have to get back to work, but in Ghana, most musicians have more time to go back to the studio to recheck their sounds and make corrections ”

Atta Patrick was quick to add that due to all these problems, for the past 8 years he produces his songs in Ghana, even though it costs him a lot.






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