Ghana Western Achievement Awards Visits 2nd Battalion of Infantry

The Ghana Western Achievement Awards, now in its fourth edition, paid a significant visit to the 2nd Battalion of Infantry in the Western Region. The visit, attended by the awards’ board of directors, highlighted the ongoing commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence within the region.


During the visit, the board of directors conducted an extensive inspection of the facilities, accompanied by the overall commander of the battalion.



The inspection was aimed at understanding the operational capabilities and the contributions of the battalion to regional security and development.



A photograph was taken to commemorate the occasion, featuring the board of directors and the overall commander, symbolizing the collaboration between civilian organizations and military establishments in promoting regional progress.



The Ghana Western Achievement Awards continue to be a platform that honors individuals and organizations making impactful contributions to the development of the Western Region.



This visit underscores the awards’ dedication to acknowledging the diverse efforts that drive regional excellence.

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