Ghana, Nigeria will be empty if US gave free visas for a week – Otabil

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil, has suggested that many Ghanaians and Africans in general are tempted to travel overseas due to a lack of hope in their home countries.
The preacher said the Ghana and most African countries would virtually be empty if the United States Embassy decided to give free visas for just a week.

Delivering a sermon during last Sunday’s service, Pastor Otabil said the huge number of people who risk their lives on the Sahara desert just to make it to Europe is testament that many people from Africa are yearning to travel abroad for greener pastures.

“Look at the number of our people who try to cross the Sahara Desert to go to Europe.

“And believe you me, if that way were open, Africa would be empty. It would be empty,” Dr Otabil stated.

He attributed the situation to the lack of hope by citizens of African countries, insisting the quest to move overseas is borne of hopelessness rather than adventure.

According to him, there are many places in Ghana like the Mole national park and other sceneries that are perfect for adventure yet most Ghanaians “have no sense of adventure”.

“If the American Embassy today decides: this week is free visa for everybody, Ghana would be empty, Nigeria would be empty,” he continued.

“Why are we travelling? It’s not because we have a sense of adventure, because if we had a sense of adventure, we would have travelled to Mole, we would’ve gone to Kintampo, we have no sense of adventure, it’s a sense of hopelessness. It’s not adventure, it’s hopelessness. It’s a sense where you feel nothing good will come from here.”

About 127 Ghanaian immigrants in Libya returned home in November last year following reports that they were being maltreated in the North African country.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed Wednesday that 151 more Ghanaian immigrants in Libya are expected to arrive in the country in the coming days.

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