Ghana Music Gatekeepers Kill Talents – KOD

Broadcast journalist, Kwame Owusu Danso (KOD) has said the Ghana music industry could not grow to the top space as it needed to have been based on actions and inactions of certain gatekeepers.

According to him, the industry could have developed and move to a higher pedestrian than it is now if the gatekeepers were deliberate in creating more talents than killing some to make very few shine.

Speaking on Starr FM’s entertainment show hosted by Caleb Nii Boye last Saturday, the former member of the group ECHO and NKENTEN said, Ghanaians are so focus on one talent which makes them kill the shine of similar good ones.

“Yaa Pono was a huge thing. He was big all over the place. But what did we do to him? Because they said he’ll be a big competition to Sarkodie, there were deliberate attempt to promote others to the top and take others off the scene. Yaa Pono could have emerged as the top rapper, at a point he had to even change his style. He (Yaa Pono) was there before Sarkodie.

Unfortunately, that blockage that was created to bury the talents of others made the industry stagnant without any growth at its current space. It is still the same even at the moment” he said.

I Stopped Music a Bitter Man

Answering to a question on why he stopped releasing music, he said the treatment from industry people to him and his colleagues didn’t look appreciative enough to deserve his stay.

“When you do something you love and you receive less support, like it hurts. You invest so much, you put a lot of effort into your craft and the final analysis – no one appreciates you, it hurts. I felt disrespected over such actions, I felt why should I continue with this whiles the appreciation doesn’t come? The disrespect from radio presenters, DJs were too many. I left the industry a bitter man. The industry didn’t treat us well” he explained.

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