Ghana Music Awards UK adds another category to the scheme to acknowledge Ghanaian talents in Europe

Organizers of Ghana Music Awards UK have added a category for Ghanaian musicians in EU countries thus outside the United Kingdom.

This according to the organizers is aimed at expanding the scope of the awards to acknowledge the work and talents in other EU countries.

According to the organizers, Best European artiste was added to expand the scope of the award to other parts of Europe where Ghana music is brewed and also encourage Ghanaian musicians within the EU to do more for mother Ghana.


Ekow Anderson Planning & Advisory Board member in a chat with also stated that , The Most Dominant Fanbase category was added to create a platform where followers of various artists will take their support serious to push their artiste to reach his/her goals, especially with online streaming and engagement.

The category definition and who qualifies to be nominated are stated below
European Artiste Of The Year

The European Artiste of The Year is Ghanaian European based artiste adjudged by the academy, board and public as the artiste with exceptional audience appeal through performance, song(s) released under the year in review and whose music has crossed over into UK and across Europe
36 . The Best Music Video Of The Year

Most Dominant Fanbase of The Year

Most Dominant Fanbase of The Year describes the core followers of an artiste adjudged solely by the public, as the fanbase with the highest influence on an artiste, affecting sales, streams, and with a strong presence on all social media platforms under the year in review.

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