Gemann now father to daughter of taxi driver he killed

Legendary pop star Nana Akwasi Agyeman famously known as Gemann has disclosed that he’s adopted the daughter of the taxi driver he killed.

Speaking in an interview on Power Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on Power97.9fm Gemann said, the wife of the taxi driver gave birth after the incident and from then the child has been his responsibility

“I dunno if the woman was pregnant as at the time but the child was delivered after the incident happened .. I can’t disclose the child’s name cos she’s asked me not to since people end up attacking her and me as well..

So she said daddy please if you go out on interviews don’t talk about us, for her sake let’s leave that..

I’ve taken care of the girl till she finished college .. I started taking care of her from prison and took the full responsibility when I was released . I felt it was my responsibility since her dad is no longer there. When I came out she was 14 years because they gave birth to her when the incident happened.

She knows I shot her dad we’ve discussed the issue before and I’m the right person to give an accurate answer to her questions. She was disappointed in me and she’s happy with me being her father . A lot of people are fatherless so it’s a privilege if she’s got one ..

Her mother is alive and I’m not in charge of her responsibilities because she’s married to someone else so the child is rather my full responsibility but at a time where she was a widow I took responsibilities I can’t say it all on radio. “

For those unaware, Gemann was one of Ghana’s biggest stars about 3 decades ago.

However, all his stardom came to nought when he was imprisoned for the murder of a taxi driver in 1995.

He spent 14-years in prison in total.






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