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Fuse ODG Successfully Launches ‘New Africa Nation’ Album Yesterday (Video+ Pictures)

This is New Africa, where we love and protect each other.

Those were the exact words of Fuse ODG as he made a majestic appearance on stage at +233 Jazz Bar and Grill in Accra on Thursday night (18th April).

Prior to his set, Yom the Poet a lyrically dexterred Ghanaian wordsmith had already served us pieces ‘This Ghana boy’ and another one on skin bleaching, tuning minds to the right setting for the New Africa Agenda.

Fuse ODG’s kid brother, a Kojo Talr with all his silkiness made an impressive debut for his brother (as far as this new album is concerned) buying all the love for himself and his elder brother.

Accompanied by his two robust dancers and his New Africa Nation live band led by the Grammy winning guitarist OT Woode, Fuse ODG serenaded the audience with his new album, occasionally chipping Million Pound Girl and some of his old mega hits in between.

The audience was diverse to the core, racially, demographically and by gender, all together catching the thrill effect of his new TINA album establishing Fuse ODG’s international repute and his all-round appeal to males, females, the young and the old alike.

Fuse ODG had a very coordinated performance, starting off with his hip hop induced attention song, pulling off the others like Bra Fie and Island in a perfect chronological fashion. In between songs, he would crave indulgence to either reveal inspiration behind the creative process for a song, or the song’s role in the New Africa Nation agenda, many at times both.

His set was very interractive, one too many times people abandoned their seats to go form dancing groups in front of the stage, just being good students of the Ghanaian/African sound.

There were guest appearance by Ambolley and Sarkodie, with Ambolley busting a legendary moment engineered by K.O.D (Starr Fm). Sarkodie also jumped on stage to re-iterate the essence of Fuse ODG’s agenda, thanking him for Nana Yaa Asantewaa – a ‘Nana doll’ gift to her daughter Titi from

Fuse ODG and performing their 2013 hit single ‘Down on One’. One of Ghana’s many vocalists Chase was also present at the event as well as the UK based duo Kwamz and Flava, to witness and throw their weight behind a colleague and a worthy cause.

The album launch was successful, whetting the appetites of everyone who had not yet copped the album to do the needful.

However its success cannot be mentioned without the top notch performance from its many facilitators like K.O.D and Cookie T of Starr fm, DJ Neizer, NYDJ, Godwin Dogbey, +233 Jazz Bar and grill staff etc.

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