Exclusive: Blakk Rasta Returns On Radio With “Taxi Driver” On December 1,2017

On October 16,2017,showbizpunch.com published the story with the caption ”Exclusive: More Details On The Zylofon 102.1fm Invasion.Sammyflex,Blakk Rasta And Others To Be On Air Soon” and made it emphatically clear that Radio Presenter ,Blakk Rasta will be hosting Xylofon FM’s Drive Time show from 2 to 6pm.

Indeed ,as mentioned by showbizpunch.com,Blakk Rasta is set to hit the airwaves with his “Taxi Driver” show beginning from December 1 ,2017 from Mondays to Fridays between 2pm and 6pm.

He has indicated that he isn’t changing his style of presentation on radio in any way.

”Blakk Rasta is Blakk Rasta. I always stand for positivity and self-pride. I will continue in this same line. The only thing is that, I have become deeper, more matured, wiser and stronger. These attributes will feature in my new radio strides.

The youth will be taken through another positive journey of self-realisation and thought-provoking experiences. Radio will be lively again. We will put the leaders we voted into power before and now, in check. We will bring respect and decency to radio again.

Those who stopped listening to radio because I was away can now have a double bite of the cherry. This time, it is deeper and more spiritual. Many cannot contain the fire. To Jah be the glory!”

It’s almost two years since Blakk Rasta resigned from Hitz 103.9fm due to the lack of support from his employers after he was summoned to Parliament over comments he made to the effect that 80 percent of parliamentarians’ smoke marijuana.






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