Dwayne Kobby Owusu and Whitney Tawiah win Mr and Miss Teen Ghana UK 2019

A UK based Ghanaian Whitney Tawiah and Dwayne Kobby Owusu yesterday 26th October 2019 won the 2019 edition of Mr and Miss Teen Ghana UK .

Whitney Tawiah was the youngest among twenty contestants at the 2019 edition of Mr and Miss Teen UK but turned out to be the most impressive as she amazed the judges and audience with her splendid performance.

She portrayed a higher intellectual undertone during her speech and elaborated the topic with much insight.

Dwayne Kobby Owusu won Mr Teen Ghana UK 2019.At the age of 17, he believes there is limited resources for young people who are interested in property management.

“British schools fail to educate young people on money management skills specifically, personal finance, mortgages and information on how to correctly build and maintain credit towards future purchasing of properties.

He aims to create an app dedicated to young people.

According to Ghanaian Journalist Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah of attractivemustapha.com who attended the event  Whitney Tawiah started her own hair and beauty business when she was 12 years and simultaneously pursued her singing talent.

“The queen of teens” did not relent on her aspiration to be a beauty queen which she started nursing at the age of 5 despite the numerous criticisms and stereotypes criticism by stereotypes.

Her dreams finally came true when she entered Miss Teen Ghana UK 2019 competition. In a very assuring voice, Whitney Tawiah encouraged the audience that “You are never too Young to accomplish your goals and dreams”.

During her speech, she expressed her passion to help people with Dyslexia and sought for opportunities to raise more awareness on the ailment.

Thus, her win will help create platforms where she can work with organisations and communities in order to support people with Dyslexia since this topic is rarely spoken about within our African society.

Teen Ghana UK was established in 2016. It is a non-profit youth initiative foundation program that inspires, motivates and educates youngsters between 13-19 years.

Their mission is to give young people a platform to creatively showcase business ideas and future aspirations.

They encourage and assist the the youth in achieving their goals no matter what they may be.

As well as giving young teenagers confidence and a platform to express their ideas and imprint the world we live in today.

This is done by an annual showcase of selected teenage Ghanaian males and females in UK who use their creativity to expose new business ventures, future aspirations or projects in the form of a competition.

As part of their price packages they took home £500 investor deal .