DJ Boy K Advises Artistes Whether ‘Big’ Or ‘Under’ To Respect DJs

Ernest Obeng Boateng aka DJ Boy K has advised musicians, artistes both big names and underground to always respect Disc Jockeys (DJs) since DJs play important roles in making music hits.

“We go through a lot behind the scenes to make artistes look good in the stage fore_front to their fans and businesses”, adding his voice to trending conversation about artistes’ “use and dump syndrome’.

Ernest Boateng is a music producer/DJ with event powerhouse, Musicbiz.

He produced songs such as Meto by Noble Nketsiah featuring Lemaine for DrumLyne Studios; Obour Shine your Eye, Jupitar’s Shut Down among others.

He has been a Board Member of the Ghana DJ Awards since 2015.

He said artistes who do not play live at a particular point in time mostly rely on the services of their official DJs.

According to DJ Boy K, DJs go through a lot to make artistes big but they don’t give back that respect.

Over the past years, a lot of concerns have been raised about how musicians use and dump DJs when they get the fame.

“I Wouldnt say all our musicians would use you when they need you and when they are super hot, they move on without you the DJ. Though a few have done it. I think that this relationship must be a long-lasting one to keep fans always entertained. We go through a lot to rehearse and get some routines that make their performances ‘wowed’ and most often all the credit goes to the artistes.”

He urged musicians to try to solve issues with their DJs and see them as partners on the ground.

One of the key resident engineers at Musicbiz Studio in Kokomlemle, DJ Boý K is deft at sound production and mixing.

Currently, DJ BoyK is the artist DJ for Jupitar and Bhim first lady, OV.

Three times each week, the 30-year-old plays on Light 94.3FM’s DriveTime.

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