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Deputy Minister Extols Zylofon Cash (Video)

Deputy Minister for Education,  Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, has expressed his liking and admiration for the innovative and tenacious attitude adopted by Zylofon Cash an arm of the Zylofon Media Group, in efforts to transform Ghana into a more prosperous country.

“I am not your spokesperson though, but I admire you for your innovation. I went to my constituency and I saw Zylofon  there.  I asked what was going on because everywhere I  go, I see Zylofon and I like people who are striving for greatness….If we can change our thinking and begin to understand that we can change our destiny, we would change our destiny.  And where there are challenges and problems, don’t look at the problems. It is those who are not innovative that get overwhelmed by problems.  When  I tune in the radio  and I hear about people saying, ‘oh the thing is not going to work’,  I say wow”, Dr. Adutwum noted in an address in his office on Thursday.

The deputy Minister further extolled Zylofon’s  expansion across the country: “You could have just remained in Accra and not worry   about anything. But now, you are in my constituency and I saw the signs and I said ‘what? Zylofon is here too? ‘, I thought they were just at East Legon. I like that. It takes determined people to transform a country and I want you all to be determined people who would transform Ghana. I have great hopes for the country when I see people like you. The only thing we can do to stop ourselves is us.”

Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum was addressing a delegation from SAGE Ghana that  visited his office  with Student-entrepreneurs from the Methodist Girls’ Senior High School and Aduman Senior High School.

The students would be representing Ghana at the SAGE World Cup in Durban South Africa from August 9 to 14.

Zylofon Cash, on Thursday, supported the upcoming trip with an amount of R28,000, presented by Gabriel Kwabla Kwamiga, the National Coordinator.

““We at Zylofon Cash are honored for the opportunity to contribute our widow’s mite to support this important journey and to demonstrate our support for the great job SAGE Ghana is doing in mentoring young teenagers into promising entrepreneurs. We are proud to associate with such greatness that is surely geared at making Ghana prosper”, Mr. Kwamiga noted at the presentation of the cash amount.

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