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Covid-19: Lockdown to be Extended for two Weeks…Eastern Region to be Locked down

Covid-19: Lockdown to be Extended for two Weeks…Eastern Region to be Locked down.
By Nene Adekerker Djaahi- April 18, 20200458

With the rate of Covid 19 infections still on the rise, sources close to the seat of government revealed to, that the already locked down areas of Greater Accra, Greater Kumasi, Kasoa and Tema are to get an extension of two more weeks. This will make Five (5) weeks of Lockdown for these areas, after government announced an initial two weeks lockedown, which was later extended by another one (1) week.

Additionally, the Eastern Region is to be locked down following a record of 51 cases from the region, mostly employees of AFCON construction, the company working on the railway lines from Tema to Akosombo with work stations at Kpong, in the lower Manya Constituency.

The Eastern Region is the latest to be considered for the lockdown following a spike in the number of infected cases.

The total cases in Ghana as at the 18th of April 2020 stands at a shocking Eight Hundred and thirty-four (834), an alarming number that has sent authorities thinking about whether or not to lockdown the entire nation.

There are also figures of some Ninety-nine (99) persons who are deemed to have recovered from the virus. But information on where they reside as well as their names remain withheld, leaving speculations of uncertainty of the information.

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