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Covid-19: Ghana & other African Countries should emulate Senegal – Van Vicker

African movie giant Van Vicker has opined that Ghana and other African countries to emulate the the strides of Senegal in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

In a Social Media post sighted by, Van Vicker stated that the ingenuity Senegal has demonstrated so far is profound.

Read Van Vicker’s full post on Instagram and Facebook;

Aljazeera is a credible source hence my post. I opine other African countries emulate the strides of Sengal in the fight against COVID-19 The ingenuity is profound. Cheap and convenient testing of all is as good as curing, perhaps even better. One can test frequently to know their status and act accordingly. The report affirms that Senegal’s empiricism with Ebola helped with this innovation. Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention. Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. should follow suit immediately and perhaps vie this leading edge. Senegal #hatsoff4you. #Senegal #covid19citizenscoalition #covid19 #Ghana #Liberia #Nigeria #SouthAfrica ##innovation #vanvicker #staysafe

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