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Citizen Welkins To Sue Medikal For Stealing His Songs (Video)

Citizen Welkins To Sue Medikal For Stealing His Songs

Award winning music act Citizen Welkins has laid accusations against AMG prodigy Medikal for “stealing” his music on two occasions.

The musician claims Medikal stole two of his songs titled “Confirm” and “Backside” from him after they were sent to Medikal to listen to for a feature.

Citizen Welkins in an interview said that,
“I sent him my song titled ‘Confirm’ asking that he reviews it for a feature which he rejected only to see him release a song later with the same title and concept.

“Having the fighting spirit, I sent him another song titled ‘Backside’ and while I waited for a response from him, Medikal has once again gone ahead to use the concept for his new song”.

In a heartbreaking mood, Citizen Welkins bemoaned Medikal’s betrayal since the approach he uses to take ownership of the song is unfair and hinted that his management is considering suing the AMG rapper.

Citizen Welkins won the ‘Best Music Video’ at the Ghana Music Awards South Africa and has a new song and video to be released soon this year.

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