Chef Smith Cites Struggles in Paying Children’s School Fees as One of the Reasons for GWR Scam

In a shocking revelation, Chef Smith has admitted to scamming the nation with a fraudulent claim to a Guinness World Record.



In an interview with GHOne TV, he cited financial struggles, including difficulties in paying his children’s school fees, as a primary motivation for his actions.



Chef Smith, who has worked tirelessly in various restaurants over the years, expressed frustration over the lack of proper reward and fair compensation for his hard work. “I’ve moved from one restaurant to another, working hard with no proper reward and no proper salary,” he said.



He explained that the pressures of his responsibilities as a father and a man pushed him to take drastic measures. “As a man, I have a lot of responsibilities. Because of that, I decided to take a step that would put me in a comfortable situation in life,” Chef Smith confessed.



Importantly, Chef Smith confirmed that he acted alone in orchestrating the scam, ensuring that none of his team members or sponsors were aware of his fraudulent activities. “I took the decision to scam and fraud everyone alone. None of my team members or sponsors knew about it,” he clarified.



In a heartfelt apology, Chef Smith addressed the entire nation, expressing deep regret for his actions. “I am truly sorry for the deception and the harm caused by my actions,” he said.



This revelation has left many in shock. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressures and challenges that can lead individuals to take desperate measures.



Authorities have yet to announce any legal actions or consequences that Chef Smith may face as a result of his admission.

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