Check out the stories behind “Testicles are sad”, “Wise Vagina” village names

Names of some towns in the Birim North District in the Eastern Region has caused a lot of hilarious stir for the past week on the Ghanaian social media space.
This is due to the fact that the names of the towns are expletive and have sexual connotations.

The names as mentioned in Parliament by the Member of Parliament for Abirem, Hon. John Frimpong Osei contained references to genitals.

Some of the English translations of the names are: Etwe nim Nyansa – “Vagina is Wise”, Kote ye Aboa – “Penis is a Fool”, and Shua ye Morbor – “Testicles are Sad”.

Explaining the derivation of the name to UTV, one of the indigene said:Three brothers, namely – Kofi Sampon, Kwadwo Gyan and Kofi Sane lived together but when Kwadwo Gyan married, he sacked his two brothers, Kofi Sampon and Kofi Sane from his community because he was being controlled by his wife.

The wife later divorced and sacked Kwadwo Gyan from the house and took over his properties.

Gyan turned to his two brothers whom he had earlier sacked from his house for help, and they explained to him how foolish he had behaved by choosing to live with a woman [vagina] instead of sticking to his brothers and now that the “wise vagina” had maltreated him, he was turning to them.

They, therefore, coined the phrase Etwe nim Nyansa – “Vagina is Wise.”

According to Atta, his grandmother Maame Akosua Ani also added that a madman is always not able to find a wife or a woman to have sex with or give birth, because of his mental condition, no woman [vagina] would be readily willing to accept him.

But said a mad woman [vagina] is able to find a man [penis] to have sex with and even gets pregnant since a man [penis], care less about the mental state of the woman. This, she said was a testimony that ‘Kote ye Aboa – “Penis is a Fool.”

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