Check out Kojo-Hilton; Winner of Theatre & Arts Category of 40 Under 40 Awards 2019

Celebrated Ghanaian Art Director and Production Designer, Prince Kojo-Hilton won an award for the best Theatre and Arts Category category at the 40 Under 40 Awards 2019.

40 UNDER 40 Awards is aimed at identifying and honoring a cross-section of Ghana’s influential and accomplished young business fellows under the age of 40 who are making a massive impact within the industries they operate.

Speaking in an interview with Prince Kojo-Hilton, he said that he didn’t win this award because he is the smartest or well known in the industry. Neither did he win this award because he is the finest artist in Ghana but rather, he won the award to remind everyone of the Mission and Vision to industrialize the Arts as an innovative drive for Africa’s economic freedom as well as the sustainable development of the continent through the science of Art.

“An artist must be a creator, inventor, and above all a game-changer, and this award is to serve as a reminder”, he added.

He used the opportunity to alert the government, Industries, Institutions, and every Individual to begin paying attention to this sector which has been neglected for so long.

Weeks ago, The Rector of National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Dr. Samuel Nai revealed their desire to collaborate with him to standardize creative works.

Mr Johnson Edu who is the president of the Performing Arts Teachers Association and the then National Theatre of Ghana technical director also congratulated Kojo-Hilton and encouraged him to continue with the good works.

Thank you all for believing in my dream to make “The Arts Speak for Africa.” Big thanks to the organizers of the 40 Under 40 Awards 2019, to Mr. Osarfo Anthony for filing my nomination, my Uncle Mr Johnson Edu for nurturing my talent, JUPE Global my management team and to you all for once given me the opportunity to serve you, special thanks to Bola Ray for offering me my first personal contract in 2007 am extremely grateful.

God bless Ghana.

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