Celebrating Daasebre Gyamenah’s music immortality

His death three years ago struck a ferocious blow to Ghanaian music lovers, but Daasebre ‘Ahoofe’ Gyamenah’s immortality in Ghanaian music, shall forever live long considering his relentless music legacy spanning over three decades.

The Highlife Hall Famer, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the annals of Ghanaian music with his style of music with many Ghanaians still enjoying his masterpieces.

The irreplaceable music gem sparked life in Ghanaian music especially in the late 90’s with his ”Kokooko” album as he made waves coupled with dazzling live performances.

Regarded as one of the greatest hitmakers in Ghana, Daasebre featured many Hiplife artistes in the early 2000’s giving birth to new contemporary Highlife music which was enjoyed by many.

He told the Ghanaian love story through his music with mind blowing lyrics mostly containing proverbs and touted by many as one the best songwriters to emerge from the motherland.

Daasebre Gyamenah was certainly a game changer in Ghanaian music and has gain legendary status considering his massive impact during his illustrious career.

His exploits in the music industry shall forever live in the hearts of true Highlife enthusiasts who know the prowess of the Highlife stalwart despite his mortal departure.