British Airways Website Down and Flights Delayed Due To IT Issues

British Airways found itself in trouble yesterday after facing serious IT issues. The carrier’s website could not be accessed and flights were delayed as staff could not access key information. Thankfully, the systems were back online later in the night and there have been no major issues since.

In a technical glitch yesterday, multiple British Airways systems were down for several hours. The services impacted include, online customer support, and some elements of flight operations. The exact time when the issue popped up is hard to pin down, they seem to have emerged in the early evening, around 18:00 UK time.

By 20:00, passengers had taken to Twitter to report the IT issues and the inability to access the BA website. This meant no flight could be booked, amended, or canceled during this period. However, according to Head For Points, the last two flights for the day, to Abuja and Newcastle, were both delayed due to software issues.
Considering the few flights operating out of London, not too many passengers were impacted by the sudden issues. However, for those looking for support, the absence of call center and online support as well might have been an issue. British Airways’ teams on Twitter recommended that travelers check-in directly at the airport for flights departing soon.

By 22:00 local time, the issue seems to have been resolved and was functioning once again. BA’s support team on Twitter confirmed the technical issues and added an apology for any disruptions.

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